Axial flow aerators have high efficiency due to their maximum transfer of kinetic energy to water surface. Turbine aerators are usually up flow types that rely on violent agitation of the surface and air entrainment for their efficiency.



Napier-Reid Mechanical Turbine Aerator is a device designed to provide optimum oxygen transfer in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications. It provides the mixing necessary to uniformly disperse oxygen and inorganic matter within the microbial population.

Napier-Reid mechanical aerators with centrifugal impellers have a gear-driven, turbine type impeller mounted horizontally just below the liquid surface that rotates to draw large quantities of atmospheric air into the liquid.



  • High oxygen transfer
  • Wide range of installation from small tanks to massive lagoons
  • No need of gearbox
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple and flexible Installation and removal
  • Easily incorporated into existing plants
  • Customized mooring arrangements to suit site conditions
  •  Low cost by saving energy and high performance

Napier-Reid is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, well-designed mechanical turbine aerators.