Napier-Reid’s quality products and services in the water and wastewater industry help make it possible for millions of people to enjoy clean water every day. A trusted partner to clients in both public and private sectors, we provide a full range of engineering, system integration, construction, and project management services to meet your specialized needs.
We build with the intention of exceeding your expectations for safety, quality, functionality, and aesthetics. With an integrated design and build approach, we always deliver completed projects that stand the test of time.





Design and delivery of water and wastewater projects require specialized professionals with exceptional process experience, engineering expertise, and full team integration. Being a water and wastewater treatment specialist in the industry for over 60 years, Napier-Reid has successfully executed over 3,000 projects worldwide. Through our extensive process experience, we have developed innovative, team-based practices to facilitate a seamless, unified project approach. Our fully-integrated design-build teams blend ongoing design and active construction from contract signing through final commissioning. Operating with full project expertise, each time we ensure the project is executed flawlessly during design and construction with our process know-how and aim at creating values to you.




Completed about 30% faster than other construction methods, design-build enables projects to develop organically, allowing design, engineering, and construction phases to overlap and influence each other. Pre-construction can be started before all design details are finalized, allowing projects to begin (and end) earlier than possible with traditional procurement methods.


Napier-Reid answers your wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce project risks and overall costs. As such, you don’t need to manage multiple contracts with different consultants and contractors for the same project. In addition, a single contract means that issues of cost, schedule, quality, responsibility and risk management are clearly spelled out in one document.

Value Driven

Design-build reduces costs an average of about 6%. Because designers and builders collaborate throughout all stages of construction, they are constantly working to choose the best, most cost-effective solutions and construction methods.


Under the design-build approach, Napier-Reid will provide you a competitive bid based upon a set of project performance requirements or specifications. Napier-Reid becomes your turn-key solution provider, who is responsible for both design and construction.

From a practical perspective, the design and construction will be integrated from the very early stages of the project. This integration provides the opportunity for considerable interaction and discourse between the engineer and the contractor during the design phase. As a result, Napier-Reid will be able to commence construction with the understanding of how the design has progressed and how it is proceeding with the potential to save both time and cost.

By bringing all project stakeholders together in a single contract, the design-build approach helps foster a more successful partnership. As such, Napier-Reid addresses process design and project construction requirements within the budget and schedule parameters, resulting in less potential for project escalation. Also, Napier-Reid can implement a fast-track approach, starting construction before the total design is complete. This is particularly important if you require the delivery of a cost-effective and quality facility on a reduced schedule.