Decades before the most comprehensive government regulations for the water treatment industry were implemented, Napier-Reid had already been supplying engineering services and process equipment to water and wastewater treatment plants in Canada. The company is expanding to serve Asia’s nascent municipal and industrial markets, particularly in the mining,¬†oil, and gas sectors.

Napier-Reid boasts a strong in-house engineering, research, and development team backed by university collaborations. One of its core technologies, the Bio-Batch Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR), employs a simpler wastewater treatment process and produces better treatment results with integral nutrient removal. The Bio-Batch system also requires less footprint and equipment as well as chemicals and manpower, benefiting owners with lower capital and operating costs.

The company meets clients’ needs with custom-design systems. Abu Dhabi’s Mafraq Wastewater Treatment Plant, for instance, applied Napier-Reid’s Bio-BatchTM technology to convert two of its emergency storage tanks into SBR tanks, and increased its treatment capacity by 50,000 cubic metres per day.

Napier-Reid’s Bio-RotorTM Rotating Biological Contactor technology and package ultrafiltration membrane systems were applied to handle the huge drinking-water demand and wastewater generation in First Quantum Minerals’ Cobre Panama project – the world’s largest undeveloped copper deposit. Thanks to Napier-Reid’s custom engineering capacity and experience in tackling rough environments, projects of major mining companies such as Barrick Gold, Kinross, Xstrata, and Cameco have progressed successfully. Napier-Reid also works closely with major oil and gas companies in the Middle East, Venezuela, and Nigeria.

“Working with the world’s largest mining and oil and gas companies, Napier-Reid developed into a top water solution provider that can handle the most demanding engineering and quality requirements,” says Frank Li, vice-president.

Aside from bringing its engineering expertise into municipal and industrial sectors in Asian countries and India, Napier-Reid is looking for local distributors to help the company double its growth in the next five years.

“We’re flexible partners. Having worked on over 3,000 projects globally for 63 years, we are able to provide reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions for almost every requirement,” says president Tim Otton.


Published in the South China Morning Post