The South Tallcree First Nation is located in Northern Alberta. In 2014 the community in northern Alberta wanted to upgrade the existing water treatment plant (WTP).

The existing plant is a package of conventional water treatment unit constructed in 1989, with design capacity of 120 m3/day serving a community of approximately 274 persons. The water of community comes from Wabasca River and the river water is pumped to the WTP for treatment.

As the existing WTP has reached to its design life expectancy and could not produce sufficient water quantity and quality to meet the Standards and Guidelines imposed by Health Canada and Alberta Environment, Napier Reid provided a new Water Treatment Package as a solution for providing safe drinking water to a First Nations community.

The major issue in the source water is high Turbidity, high Fe/Mn and high TOC.


Process Description

The water Treatment Package includes two (2) trains, each with 165 m3/day production capacity. Each train consist of:

  • Three stage Flocculator
  • Clarifier
  • Greensand Filter
  • Granular Action Carbon (GAS) Filter
  • Ultra-Violate (UV) Disinfection System
  • Chlorination System

Both trains also have share common chemical injection systems, air blowers and PLC control panel.