The Rolling River, Manitoba water treatment plant was a solution for providing safe drinking water to a First Nations community. The system works to treat raw well water into potable water that’s compliant with strict drinking water standards. The treatment process involves a two-stage filtration system which includes MD-80 catalytic media filtration followed by reverse osmosis and nano-filtration. This system treats well water with flow rates of up to 27.3 m3/hour and works to reduce hardness by over 80%, reduces sodium content by over 50%, and filters out nearly 100% of solids.

The MD-80 catalytic media’s high manganese dioxide content results in higher levels of catalysis for oxidation reactions than other media. The MD-80 in combination with the reverse osmosis and nano-filtration can effectively remove large quantities of solids and dissolved ions from ground water. Projects at Birdtail Sioux and Constance Lake utilise the same filtration technology and has been meeting or exceeding municipal and national standards for drinking water.