In 2012, Napier-Reid provided three water treatment systems to Mina de Cobre, Panama, that serve to produce safe drinking water from a surface water source. Two of the systems have a capacity of 576 m³/day, with the third having a capacity of 919 m³/day. Each system treats water using a single train consisting of a 1-stage flocculator, a dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, a gravity filter with greensand media, an ultra-filtration system (UF), a GAC filter system, an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, and six chemical injection systems. Instrumentation, an automated control system and a power distribution panel are also included with each system. The source of the influent flow is surface water that is seriously contaminated with fecal coliforms, and has a high level of manganese, iron and TOC.

The flocculator, DAF and Greensand filter serve to almost completely remove any iron and manganese, as well as reducing turbidity and TOC. The UF system removes over 99.99% of fecal coliforms, and the GAC filter further reduces TOC. The UV disinfection system serves as a second layer of biological deactivation.

To reduce onsite installation costs, each system is completely pre-assembled onto a single skid and tested before being shipped to the job site.

In 2017, an additional water treatment system with a capacity of 288 m³/day was ordered by Minera Panama, with a scope of supply containing the same components as the original ones.