In 2011, Napier-Reid supplied a water treatment plant to the McArthur River Uranium Mine — owned by Cameco Corporation — in Saskatchewan to treat surface water into potable water that meets or exceeds the requirements set by Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and Saskatchewan’s Drinking Water Quality Standards. For this project, influent was treated using a membrane filtration system known as Ultra-Filtration for effective removal of contaminants. Modifications to the standard system were also made to accommodate for the frigid climate of northern Saskatchewan.

Ultra-Filtration technology was selected for this case due to its high removal rate of biological contaminants such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and viruses. The system includes two filtration trains with a capacity of 469m3/day each, with a combined total flow rate of 938m3/day. It also boasts high water recovery rates as well as low consumption of energy and chemicals. Along with the filtration system, Napier-Reid provided chemical pre-treatment equipment, two UV disinfection systems, one granular activated carbon filter, two treated water storage tanks, and a housing unit for all plant equipment.

The water storage tanks were built with insulation and included electric heaters to preventing freezing and water expansion which could potentially cause damage to the equipment, making outdoor storage of water possible. The pre-engineered building shelters the rest of the treatment facility from the northern climate.