In 2019, Napier-Reid provided a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) to the wastewater treatment plant in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Calgary, Alberta.

The plant is designed to be able to handle an influent flow of 130 m³ of wastewater a day, and produces an effluent with a BOD₅ of under 20 mg/L, less than 20 mg/L of total suspended solids, less than 5 mg/L of NH₃-N, less than 1 mg/L of total phosphorus, and less than 200 CFU/100mL of fecal coliform.

The scope of supply for the project includes: a SBR tank, two SBR blower assemblies, an aeration blower assembly, a chemical injection system, an ultraviolet disinfection system, a NEMA 4 control panel, and a set of spare parts.