In 2021, Denis St. Pierre Water Pollution Control Plant, located at Lakeshore, Ontario started the upgrades of the existing screening and grit removal facilities to treat domestic water. For this project, Napier-Reid designed and supplied a Grit Removal System (GS-2), Napier-Reid’s Model VGS420.

The Vortex Grit Removal System is capable of removing sand and grit particles having a 2.65 specific gravity at a flow range of up to 51,400 m3/day, to a level equal to the spec required performance parameter. The grit removal system is comprised of a Vortex grit Tank, Access Bridge, and a mechanical agitator.

The full scope of supply includes an air blower equipment, one grit pump designed to pump slurries of grit, debris, and organic solids without clogging, one Cyclone (GCY-2), one Screw Grit Classifier (GC-2), and a control panel.