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Demineralization System

Strong Acid Cation (SAC) and Strong Base Anion (SBA) resin is housed in specially constructed vessels where it forms a bed, usually 0.9-1.5 meters deep. In some cases, it is supported by another bed of graded gravel or anthracite filter media. Water enters the top of the tank through a pipe, which distributes it over the surface of the exchanger bed. The treated water is drawn off by collector piping at the bottom.

The contaminant ions during ion exchange, replace the regenerant ions because they are preferred by the SAC and SBA resin. When no ions are left to take the place of the contaminant ions, the ion-exchange resin is regenerated with a suitable regenerant solution that saturates the resin bed with the appropriate ions.


Circular Extended Aeration System
  • Reliable in performance stability.
  • Resins are available in many varieties and each resin is effective in removing specific contaminants.
  • Components
    Napier-Reid ion exchange systems can contain pre-filtration unit, ion exchangers, degasifier, chemical regeneration facilities, storage, distribution and control elements.

    Ion-Exchange Demineralization

    Moa Nickel, Cuba

    Design Flow: 6,720m3per day

    Gravity Water Filtration

    Moa Nickel, Cuba

    Design Flow: 6,720m3per day



    .: Moa, Holguín, Cuba, Ion-Exchange Demineralization System

    .: Moa, Holguín, Cuba, Vacuum Degassifier

    .: Moa, Holguín, Cuba, Acid and Caustic System

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