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Iron-Manganese Removal  

Iron and manganese are one of the most common minerals present in raw water sources from wells. Large amounts of iron and manganese are present in the ground and get deposited in the water.

While not necessarily toxic in reduced quantities, these minerals cause a lot of staining in plumbing fixtures, toilets, sinks and laundry. Iron and manganese react with oxygen to form red-brown particles and brown-black particles respectively. Other than stain problems, these particles also produce a metallic flavor in the water.

These minerals have secondary maximum contaminant levels (SMCL) of 0.3 and 0.05mg/L for iron and manganese respectively in order to avoid al of the above-mentioned problems. Nevertheless, a well-designed iron-manganese removal system should be able to at least exceed these quality requirements

Iron and manganese are generally present in the reduced state (FeII and MnII). While there are many methods for removing these contaminants, one of the most effective methods is by oxidizing to Fe III and Mn IV which will later forms iron and manganese hydroxides that precipitate and can be subsequently removed by sedimentantion and/or filtration.

Napier-Reid designs and manufactures filters with MD-80Ô catalytic media in order to satisfactorily oxidize and remove these contaminants. These can be done utilizing conventional filters or pressure filters.


MD-80Ô by Napier-Reid is a high-performance catalytic oxidative media that uses oxidation, adsorption and filtration process alike greensand and Birm but at a much higher level of performance and capacity.

Due to its high content of manganese dioxide, which acts as a catalyst (i.e. chemical reaction accelerator) MD-80Ô generates a rapid and efficient oxidation of iron, manganese and sulfide.

Although MD-80Ô can be utilized without chemicals for most low-level contaminants, the addition of other oxidants such as chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate significantly enhances the performance and extends the service life of the MD-80Ô media.

The MD-80Ô media is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is suitable for potable water applications

Combining one of the most advanced oxidative medias with an adequate mechanical design provides an efficient system with a minimum of moving parts and a reduced footprint. Let Napier-Reid be your single solution for all your iron-manganese removal needs.


Iron - Manganese Removal Filter


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