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Napier-Reid: Coagulation

Filtration is the process of removing suspended solids from water by passing it through porous media. Filtration can be achieved by gravity or pressure.

Napier Reid designs and manufactures wide range of filtration systems to meet client's requirement and to produce potable drinking water to Canadian and international standards. Manufacturing range includes conventional gravity filters to high rate pressure filters.

Conventional gravity filters and pressure filters consist of different layers (bed) of granular material like sand, gravel, activated carbon, anthracite, garnet or other media like MD-80 and greensand (for removal of hydrogen sulphide; and iron and manganese from well water). As water passes through the media, the suspended materials and other compounds that affect odour, taste, colour and turbidity are removed.

Depending upon the size of the plant, the filters are either constructed on site in cement and concrete, or manufactured and fully assembled on skid in our plant and shipped to site. Material of construction of filter (tank and internals) can be carbon steel with epoxy coating, stainless steel or aluminum.

N-R makes pressure filters occupy smaller footprint and can be operated at much higher hydraulic loading rate compared to conventional gravity filters.

Few of salient features of Napier Reid filters are:

  • Designed by professionals having over 300 years of combined experience in water and wastewater industry.

  • Superior process and mechanical design.

  • The degree of automation provided depends upon client's requirement, from fully manual to fully automatic complete with control panels, PLC programming, SCADA.

  • High workmanship, aesthetic finish.

  • Full technical support of our professionals and field service technicians in all phase of the project.

NR filters find application in filtration of municipal water and wastewater, surface water, ground water and industrial wastewater.

Contact Napier-Reid today for all your filtration requirements.


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.: Mishkeegogamang First Nation, Ontario, Canada, GAC Filters

.: Mishkeegogamang First Nation, Ontario, Canada, Microfiltration/Nanofiltration

.: North Caribou First Nation, Ontario, Canada, GAC Filters

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