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Napier-Reid: Coagulation

Raw water often contains impurities like sand, silt, gravels, organic substances and microorganisms. Large and heavy particles such as sand, silt, gravel, etc. readily settle out of water during presedimentation process. However, the settling velocity of colloidal particles and organism, ranging in size 0.01 to 1 micrometer, is so low that their removal by sedimentation is not possible. Also, due to the size of the colloidal particles, the force of attraction between particles is considerably less than the repelling forces of the electrical charge.

Coagulation is the process of destabilizing colloidal particles and reducing the forces, which tend to keep the colloidal particles apart so that particle growth can occur because of particle collisions. Coagulant is a chemical added to destabilize the colloidal particles and help floc formation.

The coagulation process is accomplished by rapid mixing to evenly disperse the chemical coagulant. Napier Reid designs and manufactures wide range of mixers to suit the process and client's requirement.

1) Static Mixer

2) Rapid Mixer

3) In-Line Dynamic Mixer

Napier Reid designs and manufactures all kinds of mixers for water treatment processes. Contact us today for all your water treatment requirements.

Dynamic Mixer

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