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Aeration is a process in which water is brought in contact with air to add or remove volatile substances. Volatile substance like oxygen is added while substances removed are carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) responsible for taste and odor. Aeration process is also employed for iron and manganese removal: oxygen reacts with dissolved iron and manganese to form insoluble precipitates which can be removed by sedimentation and filtration.


The main objectives of aeration are:

  • To increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in water. This helps in oxidation of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and VOC's.
  • Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and VOC's which are the main taste and odor producing substances.
  • Removal of undesired volatile substances that increase the cost and reduce efficiency of water treatment.

To achieve the purpose of aeration, different types of aerators are commonly employed. They can be classified as under:


1) Waterfall Aerators

2) Diffusion type or Bubble Aerators

3) Mechanical Aerators


Napier Reid designs and manufactures all kinds of aerators. Contact us today for all your water treatment requirements.


Invertofuser Coarse Bubble Diffusers


Floating Aerator


Invertofuser Bubble Pattern


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