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Napier Reid - a company trusted worldwide for over 55 years and having over 2900 installations in over 25 countries, designs and manufactures package water treatment plants (WTP) that combines rapid mixer, flocculator, clarifier and filter.

Water enters the package water treatment plant and undergoes different processes like coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration.

First, chemical is mixed in the raw water with help of rapid mixer, and then gently agitated in a detention tank called the flocculation chamber.

After flocculation, the water flows into the clarifier. The clarifier is a large chamber where the flow velocity of water is minimized. The low velocities allow the particulate matter / floc to settle out of suspension by gravity. This process is often aided by the addition of tube or plate settlers.

Water flows by gravity into the filter that consists of porous media (gravel / sand / garnet / anthracite / etc.) As the water flows through the porous media, the suspended particles are entrapped and filtered out. Filtered, clear water flows out from the outlet connection.

Napier Reid also designs and supplies the chlorination system or the UV system required for disinfection.

Some of salient features of Napier Reid's Package Water Treatment Plants are:

  • Smaller footprint.

  • High degree of automation: From semi-automatic to completely automatic, complete with control panel, PLC programming and SCADA.

  • Package WTP can be manufactured in stainless steel or aluminum.

  • High quality workmanship, aesthetic appearance of the plant.

  • Designed by professionals having over 300 years of combined experience in water and wastewater treatment industry.

  • Full technical support of our professionals and field service technicians during all stages of the project.

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Isahai Water treatment Plant, Lagos, Nigeria, Africao

Belize City, Central America   Model GPW580


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