Cameron LNG, is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal that is near the Gulf of Mexico. It was constructed to bring clean, efficient natural gas supplies to North America. Napier-Reid supplied a water treatment Demineralization Package for the Cameron LNG project.

Demineralization package produce high quality demineralized water from city water feed stream. The package includes a Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Electrodeionization (EDI) unit to produce high quality demineralized water.

Demineralized water is primarily used for Amine Regenerator and Tempered Water Expansion Drum. Napier-Reid designed the Demineralization package for 24 hours of service with minimal presence of the operator and equipped with all the required alarms and shutdown provisions to guarantee safe conditions under any possible failures or improper working conditions. The control system was designed to allow for fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operations.