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Home > Projects> Town of Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, Vortex Grit Removal System for Belle River / Maidstone Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrades 

Town of Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, Vortex Grit Removal System for Belle River / Maidstone Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrades

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

To treat domestic sewage
Design Flow: 51,400 Cubic Metres/day

Peak Flow:

67,855 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2010

Full Description:
  1. Major Process Components: Vortex Grit Removal System
  2. Napier-Reid Services: Vortex Grit Removal System Design including Instrumentation & Control, Electro-mechanical Supplies, Installation and Commissioning Support, Operators Training
  3. Napier-Reid Scope of Supply:
    1. Mechanical:
      Vortex Grit Removal System (VGS420) including Insulated Grit Tank (4200 mm Diameter), Access Bridge, Mechanical Agitator, Valves, Inlet Channel Box, Outlet Channel Box, Wall Thimbles, Inlet Channel Sealing Plate, Outlet Channel Sealing Plate, Air Scour Blower Assembly, Grit Handling Vortex Pump, Screw Grit Classifier, Hydrocyclone, Classifier Tank, Adjustable Overflow Weir, Centerless Screw 233 mm Dia., Protective Guard, Nord Gear Helical/Worm Combination Gearbox, Spray Wash System, Lot of Supports and Anchors.
    2. Electrical, Instrumentation & Control:
      Motors Associated With Mechanical Components, Electrical Actuators, CSA Approved Control Panel to Provide Control for Grit Chamber Agitator Drive, Grit Handling Pump, Air Scour Blower, Screw Grit Classifier, Air Scour And Water Fluidization Control Valves. It Included Starters with Thermal Overload, Short Circuit and Single Phase Protection, Over Current Protection, Circuits, Relays, Blower Alternators, Push Buttons, Lights etc. All Components UL/RU Listed.
  4. Distinguished Features:
    Faster grit removal using Napier-Reid's Vortex Grit Removal System (Model No. VGS420) and Screw Grit Classifier (Model No. SGC225).
  5. Process Description
    Grit removal from wastewater is very important to reduce operational problems of the wastewater treatment plants and to reduce maintenance of the mechanical equipment installed in it. Grit and other solids can increase wear of the mechanical equipment, cause pipe blockages, can settle and reduce the effective volume of the treatment basins. Napier Reid Vortex Grit Chambers (NR-VGC) are designed to separate grit from organics and raw sewage water. Screened wastewater enters the NR-VGC tangentially and creates a vortex current. As the NR-VGC is designed to handle variable flow, a specially designed agitator rotates and maintains a constant rotational velocity inside the VGC chamber. Under the influence of centrifugal force and gravity, grit and other solids quickly collect to the centre of the grit chamber, enter the grit hopper and settle down along the sloping floor. Grit handling pumps deliver the collected grit and solids to grit classifier for subsequent separation. The grit free wastewater, along with the organics, overflow from the vortex chamber for further treatment.
  6. Treated Effluent Quality:
    At the design flow rate, the system will remove minimum 65% of sand and grit particles greater than 150 micron (100 mesh) and having a specific gravity of 2.65.


Grit Classifier

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