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HWY401, Ontario, Canada, Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Package, Morrisburg Service Centre

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

To treat the combined domestic wastewater from the Morrisburg service centre
Design Flow: 34.6 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2010

Full Description:

Rotating Biological Contactor

Raw water from the service station is collected in a primary lagoon and flows by gravity to the Rotating Biological Contactor feed chamber, where a bucket-feed system transfers the raw water to the RBC tank for secondary treatment.

The RBC device is comprised of rotating discs of corrugated plastic sheets. The plastic media is slowly rotated while about 40% of the surface area is submerged in the wastewater.

Under these conditions, biological organisms, which are naturally present in wastewater, begin to adhere to the rotating surfaces and multiply. Micro organisms grow on the surface of the discs and are aerated during the rotation and exposed to the organic material (pollutants) in the wastewater, where biological degradation of the wastewater pollutants takes place. After about 2 or 3 weeks of operation, the entire surface area will be covered with a layer of biomass. As the bio-film starts to grow, excess biomass will be removed by shearing forces from the disk rotation. The rotating action of the disks also helps in keeping the solids in suspension.

Effluent from the RBC tank system is sent to the existing secondary lagoon for clarification and further polishing. Effluent from effluent polishing cell flows by gravity to effluent pump station (filter feed chamber) and is pumped to a filter before being discharged to the river.





Compliance Actual

Average Daily Flow

34.6 m3/d

BOD5 600 Mg/l

< 30 mg/L

< 25 mg/L
Total Suspended Solids 960 Mg/l < 30 mg/L < 25 mg/L
NH3-N 80 Mg/l Summer: < 10 mg/L
Winter: <12 mg/L
Summer: < 7 mg/L
Winter: <10 mg/L
TP 10 Mg/l Summer: < 0.8 mg/L
Winter: <1.0 mg/L
Summer: < 0.6 mg/L
Winter: <0.8 mg/L
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