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Philippines, Asia, Bag Bag, Sewage Treatment Plant

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

to treat sewage
Design Flow: 10,400 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2012

Full Description:

Napier-Reid is providing the Bio-Batch Sequencing Batch Reactor Process for the Bag Bag Sewage Treatment Plant to treat wastewater with a daily flow of 10,400 m3 per day. The Bio-Batch process consists of sequence of operations which are carried out through alternating React, Settle and Decant sequences within a single tank.

Performance Data:
Parameter Unit Influent Effluent
Daily Flow m3/d 10,400 10,400
BOD5 mg/L 200 20
COD mg/L 400 60
TKN mg/L 60 1
TSS mg/L 250 20
TP mg/L 14 1

The Treatment Process:

Raw waste water is delivered by an inflow pipe to two SBR tanks, where it is aerated using membrane fine bubble diffusers to assure proper oxygen supply for removal of BOD and completion of nitrification. Fine bubble diffusers provide low power requirements for the aeration systems. Each SBR train has one air control valve, which switches the blower from one tank to another, and one DO analyzer for each tank to provide real time dissolved oxygen monitoring and control. During the react period, air-off sub-sequences are incorporated to provide anoxic conditions within the SBR tank. Mixers will be in operation during this period. The duration of air-off sub-sequences can be adjusted between 0 to 30 minutes.
In the settle phase, the quiescent conditions are provided for the sludge to settle to the bottom of the tank. The clear water is taken out of the basin under laminar flow conditions by a motor driven decanter without disturbing the settled sludge layer. The decanter travel time from the rest position to the Bottom Water Level (BWL) is preset to maintain constant flow. Excessive amount of sludge is removed by a submersible pump directly after the settle sequence. Part of phosphorus is removed during biological treatment; while some is further reduced by chemical addition through alum feed system.
The cycles and sequences are automatically controlled by process control center (PLC).

Scope of Supply:

  1. Two SBR trains consisting of:
    • Fine Bubble Aeration System and control valves (Design)
    • Blower assemblies and DO analyzer (Design)
    • Blower assemblies and DO analyzer (Design)
    • Waste sludge pumps (Design)
    • Decanter assembly Model SD-11500
    • Submersible mixers (Design)
    • Alum Feed System (Design)
    • Local Control Station in NEMA-4X enclosure
  2. One NEMA-12 PLC Control Panel, 230/1/60, providing monitoring and controls for the SBR system

Dona Imelda Sewage Treatment Plant, Philippines:

Napier Reid is providing Bio-Batch Sequencing Batch Reactor to treat domestic wastewater at a plant with a designed daily flow of 9,400 m3/day. The N-R package includes 2 SBR trains with fine bubble aeration system, waste sludge pumps, decanter assembly, submersible mixers, alum feed system and NEMA control panel.

Tatalon Wastewater Treatment Plant, Philippines:

The plant processes 8,100 m3 of domestic sewage daily. Napier Reid is supplying 2 SBR trains equipped with fine bubble aeration system with EDI StreamLine Panels.
SBR tank dimensions:
Length 25.2m
Width 13.5 m
Depth 7 m


SBR Decantor

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