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El Jose, Anzoategui, Venezuela, Sequencing Batch Reactor

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

International, Petroleum Industries

Project Purpose:

to remove BOD, TSS, nitrogen and phosphorous
Design Flow: 800 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2005

Full Description:
Napier-Reid: Flesherton

DAF+SBR System for an Orimulsion Plant in Venezuela
Napier-Reid provided a wastewater treatment system for the orimulsion conversion facility in José, Venezuela.

The facility is a joint venture between China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) for manufacture of orimulsion, which is a heavy fuel used mostly in power generation.In 2004, a wastewater treatment facility with a maximun flow of 800 m³/day was required to support the orimulsion production. The purpose of the wastewater treatment system is to treat the oily water, which has be accidentally contaminated by spilling or leakage of crude, soluble hydrocarbons and reagents contaminated water. The effluent is required to meet the water effluent quality for its final discharge into the ocean.

The Treatment Process
Napier-Reid designed and supplied the plant which comprises a dissolved air floatation (DAF) cell and a two-tank sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system.

DAF is the primary treatment unit used to remove free floating oils and suspended solids so as to protect the downstream bio-plant from floating oils and hydrocarbons. The DAF consists of a flocculator, a top scraper mechanism, a 0.66 m3 pressure tank (to provide saturation water to the DAF cell), a compressor, pressure and sludge transfer pumps, and all associated appurtenances such as valves, gauges and flowmeters, providing an integral skid mounted DAF system. The effluent from the DAF will then be pumped to the SBR system.

A belt filter press was provided to dewater surplus biological sludge.

Design Flow:800m3/day

DAF Influent(specified)

DAF Effluent/SBR Influent (specified)

SBR effluent(Specified)

BOD 5 (ppm)




TSS (ppm)




TKN (ppm)




Fat/Oil/Grease (FOG) (ppm)




The system has been put into operation and produces an effluent of specified quality.






Jose Orimulsion, Venezuela

Design Flow: 800 m3/day   

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