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Wafra, Kuwait, Bio-Batch(TM) SBR System

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

International, Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

to remove BOD, TSS and nitrogen
Design Flow: 4,000 Cubic Metres per day (max) 8,000 Cubic Metres per day
Year of completion: 2003

Full Description:
Napier-Reid: Wafra

(SBR) system in Wafra, Kuwait
Napier-Reid designed and supplied a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system in Wafra, Kuwait.

The prevailing hyper-arid climate of Kuwait is not favourable to the existence of any river systems in the country. There are no permanent rivers or lakes. The use of treated wastewater becomes one of the most important solutions for irrigation of agricultural crops and landscape. In 2000, a sewage treatment system was required to treat the local wastewater for irrigation use in the Wafra area.

The Treatment Process
Napier-Reid provided a SBR system to the general contractor, Burhan Kuwaiti Trading & Construction Company, one of the leading construction groups in the Gulf Region. The design flow is 4,000m3/day.

Napier-Reid's scope of supply includes one 316L stainless steel arc bar screen, a manual standby bar screen, and a vortex grit removal system to efficiently remove sand and grit particles; one screw grit classifier to separate and dewater grit/sand; one 2 HP air blower assembly; two SBR tanks and one sludge holding digester both furnished with PVC headers and tubular fine bubble diffusers; two 316L stainless steel Uni-FlowTM decanters (one per SBR tank), each with 5m of weir length. PLC control panel was supplied for control of the entire process.

Design Flow:4,000m3/day


Effluent (specified)

BOD 5 (mg/l)



TSS (mg/L)






Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)



The project is one of the first SBR systems done in Middle East. It has been operating to the satisfaction of the customer.



Wafra, Kuwait

Design Flow: 4,000 m3/day   

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