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Ivy Lea, Ontario, Canada, Ivy Lea - Seasonal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

To treat Misc wastewater sources
Design Flow: Average Flow (25 m3/d), Max Peak Hourly Flow (66 m3/d)
Year of completion: 2012

Full Description:
  1. Major Process Components: Equalization, Primary Settling, Rotating Biological Contactor, Clarification, Disinfection, PLC control.
  2. Napier-Reid Services: Process Design, Instrumentation & Control Design, Electro-mechanical Supplies, Installation and Commissioning Support, Operator's Training.
  3. Napier-Reid Scope of Supply:
    1. Mechanical:
      Primary Settling Tank (Steel), Four-Stage RBC Module (HDPE) with Steel Tank installed in Primary Settling Tank, Carbon Steel RBC Shaft, Media Support Assembly, Drive Assembly and Motor, Load Cell, Bucket Feeder Assembly, Bearings, RBC Enclosure (Fibreglass).
      Secondary Clarifier (Steel), Submersible Sludge Return Pumps.
      Chemical Feed System including Tanks and Metering Pumps for Chemicals Dosing
      UV Disinfection System.
    2. Instrumentation & Control:
      PLC control panel in NEMA-4 Enclosure with Programmable Logic Controller, Switches, Sensors, lights, Alarms and Contacts.
  4. Distinguished Features:
    Napier-Reid's Compact Bio-Rotor System with Strong Shaft, Simple Operation, Smaller Footprints, Proven Efficiency, Low Cost, Seasonal Plant, Wide Range of Wastewater Flow and Strength Handling.
  5. Process Description
    Medium strength wastewater from the washroom & laundry facilities and high strength wastewater from the trailer dump equalization tank is delivered to the RBC system for secondary treatment.
    Napier-Reid's BioRotor® is an extremely efficient secondary biological wastewater treatment system that is also well suited for advanced wastewater treatment. It utilizes aerobic fixed film technology to reduce organic matter (BOD5), total suspended solid (TSS), ammonia and phosphorous (P). BioRotor® system consists of hundreds of thin circular plastic disks, collectively known as media, mounted on a horizontal shaft. Corrugated plastic with a thickness of 0.060" (1.5mm) is used to maintain high structural integrity while maximizing the biologically active surface area which promotes the growth of the many types of bacteria. Around 40% of the disk's surface area is submerged in a tank that contains the wastewater. Continuously driven by a gear motor, the media rotates slowly at about 2 rpm. Bacteria which are naturally present in human waste attach and multiply on the rotating media forming a thin layer of biomass. The rotation carries the biomass and a thin layer of wastewater into the air facilitating the absorption of oxygen. This aerated layer of bacteria is then re-submerged into the water where it metabolizes organic matter from the wastewater producing the required effluent quality. The RBC design provides for optimum aeration eliminating the need for complex and expensive aerators. As the film starts to grow, excess biomass is removed by shearing forces by the disks' rotation in a process called sloughing. The rotating action of the disks also helps keep the solids in suspension.

    Bio-Rotor's effluent proceeds to secondary clarifier for settling and later to UV disinfection for the suspended solids and micro-organisms reduction to meet the specified effluent quality standards. Sodium Bicarbonate and Alum are injected before RBC for maintaining alkalinity and secondary clarifier to assist in Phosphorus removal respectively.
  6. Specified Raw Wastewater Quality:
    CBOD5: 877 mg/L
    Total Suspended Solids: 1490 mg/L
    Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN): 98 mg/L
    TP: 20 mg/L
    Temperature (assumed): 6~25 oC
  7. Specified Treated Effluent Quality:
    BOD5: <10 mg/L
    Total Suspended Solids: <10 mg/L
    Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN): <3 mg/L
    TP: < 1 mg/L
    E.Coli: < 100 Counts per 100 ml
    pH: 6.0 - 9.5 inclusive at all times
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