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Kirkuk , Northern Iraq, Iraq, Clarifier and Pressure Filters, North Oil Company

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Purpose:

to treat river water
Design Flow: 21,300 m3/day
Year of completion: Under Construction

Full Description:

Napier-Reid provided Sunline Petroleum Services the equipment needed to treat surface water to be used by the North Oil Company in Iraq.

The Treatment Process:
Influent is treated in the flocculation clarifier first, which has an enlarged feed well and provides efficient mechanical flocculation. The coagulating agent is added to water in the rapid mixing chamber of the clarifier to allow turbidity particles to form large flocs. Water is then transferred to flocculation section of the clarifier where four mixers gently stir the content of the chamber to allow ideal floc forming conditions.

As water enters the clarifier, it is then distributed into the centre feed well through openings at the top of the column. As flow moves radially outward, mixing intensity diminishes, creating a tapered flocculation pattern, then the sludge collection device scrapes the sludge to a hopper where waste sludge is periodically removed by the clarifier desludge operation.

The clarified water flows through the effluent launders and is then further treated in the pressure filters. The filters are horizontal dual media: silica sand and anthracite pressure filters.

Napier-Reid Scope of Supply:

  1. One Flocculation-Clarifier mechanism consisting of:

    • Clarifier drive unit
    • Flocculator mechanisms
    • Internal Rapid Mixing chamber
    • Influent rapid mixer
    • Sludge collector arms
    • Driving cage
  2. One steel Clarifier Tank
  3. Access Bridge and Platforms
  4. Five Pressure Dual Media Filters
    • Filter Control Valves
  5. Field Instruments
  6. One Control Panel

Primary Clarifier

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