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McArthur, Saskatchewan, Canada, McArthur River Mine - Surface Water Treatment Plant

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Water Treatment

Project Purpose:

Suspended solids and turbidity removal for drinking water use
Design Flow: 938 m3/d
Year of completion: Under Construction

Full Description:

Napier Reid provided the equipment for Cameco Corporation for use at the McArthur river mine.

Major Process Components:
Flocculation, Ultra-filtration, UV Disinfection.

Napier-Reid Services:
Process Design, Instrumentation & Control Design, Electromechanical Supplies, Installation and Commissioning Support, and Operators Training.

Napier-Reid Scope of Supply:

  1. Mechanical:
    • Pre-engineered Building: For Housing the Treatment Plant
    • Chemical Pre-treatment: Coarse Screen Filters, Static Inline Mixers, Coagulation and Flocculation Tanks, N-R Flocculator, Metering Pumps.
    • Ultra-Filtration System: Skid, UF Elements, Pumps, Piping, Backwash System including Compressor.
    • Post-Chlorination System: Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Tank and Pumps
    • UV Disinfection System: Trojan UVSwift including Chamber, Lamps, Sleeves, Wiper.
    • Treated Water Storage: Carbon Steel Free Stand Water Storage with coating and insulation.
    • Valves, Fittings, Connections etc.
  2. Instrumentation & Control:
    • PLC, HMI, Switches, Transmitters, Sensors, Relays, VFD, Flow Meters, Turbidity Meter, pH Analyzer

Distinguished Features:
Ultra-Filtration Technology, Napier-Reid’s Flocculators.

Process Description:
Coagulated and flocculated raw water passes through ultrafiltration units for turbidity, suspended solids, giardia and virus removal. The filtered water further undergoes disinfection process by UV and post chlorination systems before storage and distribution.

Specified Effluent Quality:
Parameter Unit Expected Warranty
TSS mg/L ≤3.0 ≤3.0
Turbidity NTU <0.1 <0.1
Giardia Log ≥4.0 ≥4
Cryptosporidium Log ≥4.0 ≥4
Viruses (UF only) Log ≥1.5 ≥1.5
Viruses (UF + UV) Log ≥4 ≥4


Ultra Filtration, McArthur River

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