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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Greenbrook WTP

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Water Treatment

Project Purpose:

to remove iron, manganese, and hydrogen peroxide.
Design Flow: 12,960 m3/day
Year of completion: 2008

Full Description:

Napier Reid provided the equipment for the city of Greenbrook to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen peroxide from water in order to meet the Ontario Drinking Water Standards.

The Treatment Process
Pre-chlorinated raw water enters the pressure filters and flows through the filter bed, where iron and manganese are oxidized and captured by catalytic media. The captured solids are removed by periodical backwash of the filters.

The GAC contactor system is to quench of hydrogen peroxide residual exiting the Advanced Oxidation Process system. The GAC media is used as a catalyst for the oxidation reaction. The system receives treated water from the Advanced Oxidation Process.

Treated water from the GAC contactors flows to the GAC fines removal system. The purpose of the GAC fines filters is to remove or reduce fine activated carbon particulate matters in the GAC effluent.

The automatic self-cleaned screen filters with 25-micron stainless steel mesh screen were specified as the GAC fines removal filters.

Scope of Supply:

  1. Three Napier-Reid Pressure Filters, each of 4267 mm diameter and 1482 mm high, made of carbon steel. Each filter is filled with manganese dioxide MD-80 media and garnet gravel.
    • Process control valves
    • Instruments and sensors
    • Two air scour blowers
    • One blower control panel and one filter control panel
  2. Three Upflow Granular Activated Carbon Towers, each of 3050 mm diameter and 2300mm high, made of carbon steel, filled with catalytic GAC media.
    • Process control valves
    • Instruments and sensors
  3. One skid-mounted GAC Fines Removal System.
    • Three automatic self-cleaned screen filters
    • Process control valves
    • Instruments and sensors
    • One Combined GAC contactor and GAC fines control panel


GAC Fines removal System

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