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Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador, Quito Airport SewageTreatment Plant

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Project Purpose:

Suspended Solids / Turbidity Removal or Secondary treatment
Design Flow: 1170 m3/d

Peak Flow:

1680 m3/d with a Peak Instantaneous Flow of 2580 m3/d


2765 m3/d
Year of completion: 2008

Full Description:
  1. Major Process Components: Primary Settling, Rotating Biological Contactor and PLC control.
  2. Napier-Reid Services: Process Design, Instrumentation & Control Design, Electromechanical Supplies, Installation and Commissioning Support, Operators Training.
  3. Napier-Reid Scope of Supply:
    1. Mechanical:
      Three-Stage RBC Module (HDPE) with Steel Tank installed in Primary Settling Tank, Carbon Steel RBC Shaft, Media Support Assembly, Drive Assembly and Motor, Load Cell, Bucket Feeder Assembly, Bearings, RBC Enclosure (Fibreglass).
      Secondary Clarifier: Inlet Distribution Piping, Adjustable Effluent Weir, Air-Lift Sludge Return Pumps, Scum Removal Assembly.
    2. Instrumentation & Control:
      PLC control panel in NEMA-4 Enclosure with Programmable Logic Controller, Touch-Screen HMI, Switches, Transmitters, Sensors, and Relays.
  4. Distinguished Features:
    International Assignment, Napier-Reid�s Flocculators and Bio-Rotor.
  5. Process Description
    Medium strength wastewater from the washroom & laundry facilities and high strength wastewater from the trailer dump equalization tank is delivered to the RBC system for secondary treatment.
  6. Specified Raw Wastewater Quality:
    BOD5: 250 mg/L
    Total Suspended Solids: 250 mg/L
    Temperature (Min): 8 oC
  7. Treated Effluent Quality:
    BOD5: 25 mg/L
    Total Suspended Solids: 25 mg/L
  8. Photographs:


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