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Coalburn, NS, Canada, BioRotor Rotating Biological Contactor, Coalburn Wastewater Extension Project

Project Summary:

Project Type:

Design, Build and Service

Project Category:

Domestic Sewage

Project Purpose:

To treat domestic sewage
Design Flow: 228 Cubic Metres/day
Year of completion: 2011

Full Description:

Napier-Reid designed and provided the 3 stage BioRotor Rotating Biological Contactor for the secondary sewage processing to expand the existing wastewater treatment system for the community of Coalburn, Nova Scotia.

Performance Data
Parameter Unit Influent Effluent
 Flow m3/d 228  228 
BOD5 mg/L 91  10 
TSS mg/L 166  10 

Major Process Components:
Screens, Primary Settling, Rotating Biological Contactor, Clarification, Filtration, PLC control panel.

Napier-Reid Services:
Process Design, Instrumentation & Control Design, Electro-mechanical Supplies, Installation and Commissioning Support, Operator's Training

Distinguished Features: :
Napier-Reid's Compact Bio-Rotor System with Strong Shaft, Simple Operation , Proven Efficiency, Low Cost.

The Treatment Process ss
The RBC module is 12 feet diameter and 26 feet long with total effective media surface area of 100,020 ft2. The media in RBC are divided into 3 stages.

The media are made from high-density corrugated polyethylene, vacuum formed into sinusoidal profile to increase active surface area and to provide uniform irrigation of wastewater throughout the pack.
Wastewater is delivered from primary clarifier to RBC. The rotation of plastic discs mounted on the steel shaft, which are alternately partially submerged in influent and aerated using N-R invertofusers coarse bubble diffusers. It promotes the growth of biological film on the media. The microorganisms on the film absorb the organic load from wastewater, and as they grow the rotation forces shear them off to water. The solids are further separated in a secondary clarifier and effluent is disinfected in a UV chamber.

Scope of Supply

  1. One RBC unit shop-fabricated and preassembled consisting of:
    • Recycle Buckets
    • Blower assemblies and DO analyzer (Design)
    • rotating mechanism bearings
    • drive system
    • control panel
    • shaft lifting device
    • load cell monitoring system
    • air piping and diffusers
    • FRP cover

  2. Instrumentation & Control:
    • PLC control panel in NEMA-4 Enclosure with Programmable Logic Controller
    • Transformer
    • Switches
    • Sensors
    • Lights
    • Alarms and Contacts

Coalburn, NS
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